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                 Super Enhanced GeoSolar Technology

GeoSolar technology is merely an energy-delivery technology. The patented (in 26 countries) GeoSolarTM space conditioning technology is a powerful "granddaddy patent" focused largely on its ability to create very low cost Ground Source Heat Exchange (GSHE) heating, cooling and hot water for homes and commercial buildings. By using the massive existing 57oF underground potable water infrastructure, the highest-cost excavation element of GSHE can be completely eliminated (no excavation costs), thereby making one of the world's best space conditioning technologies much more attractive. Prior art GSHE technology requires many hundreds to, more typically, many thousands of feet of excavation to locate heat exchange pipes underground so that a heat pump always experienced a nearly constant 57oF environment year round instead of typical 0oF to 100oF seasonal heat pump temperatures - thereby slashing space conditioning costs by 50-65%. High performance but very expensive, prior art GSHE is presently installed in over one millions homes and commercial buildings because of its very high energy efficiency. The patented GeoSolar technology merely made an excellent technology much less expensive by exchanging heat with potable water in millions of miles of existing underground pipes.

                                           Enhanced GeoSolar is Much Better
The original GeoSolar patent also foresaw opportunities to add additional warmth (such as waste heat from power plants) to potable water in winter months, and supply colder potable water (from deep cold bodies of water) in summer months - both options covered in the above patent. Such potable water enhancements would make GeoSolar technology perform even better and could significantly reduce space conditioning costs even more than ordinary GSHE technology.
                            Super Enhanced GeoSolar Technology Has No Equal
GeoSolar Technology has come a long way from the inceptional patents. The thermal enhancements to potable water above can now be carried a few steps beyond GSHE and even beyond thermally enhanced potable water (but still covered in the original patent). In fact, potable water can be precooled from new free cold energy sources so cold as to not even require an electric heat-pump. Potable water can be pre-cooled to as low as 32oF (below 45oF) which is cold enough to directly cool ventilated air in buildings without the need of an expensive electric heat pump in summer months. In winter months, potable water, in water-tower storage tanks, can be prewarmed up to about 90oF (above 80oF) so that even smaller and lower power GeoSolar heat pumps can be used in winter months. Interesting new things happen when potable water is very precooled. Besides not even requiring an electric heat pump, microbes in potable water do not propagate (multiply). That allows water companies the opportunity to add much less carcinogenic chlorine disinfection chemicals to potable water during the summer months when microbes are most abundant in natural bodies of water. This feature makes drinking water safer and costs water companies less money. People also desire cold drinking water in summer months. What about warming potable water in winter months? It turns out that natural bodies of  fresh water have very low microbial content in winter months and do not need high disinfectant concentrations. Supplying potable water just above room temperature in winter months is still below lip-temperature but drinking water can be readily chilled manually, if desired, with a single ice cube. Pre-warmed water in winter months also reduces winter hot water heating bills. 

The newest advances in GeoSolar technology now include a means to eliminate thermal saturation of the ground surrounding potable water pipes, which also ensures that the first and the last potable water customers connected to a potable water supply line all receive essentially the same pre-warmed or pre-cooled water temperatures. This GeoSolar enhancement is called the Timewave© enhancement. One way to describe the Timewave is to envision a very large water tower (sometimes millions of gallons) which has been pre-warmed (or cooled) and which serves thousands of customers (buildings). Each GeoSolar holding tank located at each building is caused to periodically pump the un-touched and un-altered potable water in the small GeoSolar tank back to the water tower. That is accomplished by synchronously timing hundreds (to even thousands) of GeoSolar tanks of water at a very slightly staggered "time" (seconds). Thus, GeoSolar water, (which remains the property of water companies) will have never passed through a water meter and never sold, will travel all the way back to the water tower, where that tiny fraction of GeoSolar water volume will mix with the bulk of the tower water before it is allowed to flow back to GeoSolar tanks as freshly pre-warmed or pre-cooled potable water. Thus, the Timewave© can be timed so that water mains pressure can be held relatively constant while periodically refreshing GeoSolar tanks for endless space conditioning. The Timewave is controlled by a 0.2 second accuracy time standard similar to modern inexpensive retail "atomic clocks" built into each GeoSolar customer's installation. The customer's water meter is located at the input to the customer's building so that only potable water which is actually consumed by the customer is ever billed. Such a configuration allows unlimited potable water recycling without registering water usage. Moreover, each water meter also contains a one-way check valve so that no building water can ever re-enter the public water system. In this way, the high quality potable water in water towers, in street pipes, feed pipes, and in the GeoSolar holding tanks, all remains the legal property of each water company until it passes title and ownership of the water to each customer. Water companies are allowed to pump its own potable water to and fro as many places and as often as desired - so long as the water is not first sold and not degraded. The main highly enforced EPA federal law governing potable water relates to producing and maintaining minimum water quality/purity.

Numerous voluntary potable water recommendations (not laws) are provided by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). One such guideline called the "Cross Connection Policy"1 is often mis-quoted out of context concerning "backflow prevention". "Backflow" of potable water is not only legitimate, it is routine in the industry - so long as water quality standards are maintained. The context of Cross Connection Policies strenuously objects to improper plumbing connections which can result in used, dirty, or contaminated water backflowing into high quality public water systems. Moreover, the AWWA is "not a legislative or regulatory" body. It is an industry association with about 8000 members of the 53,000 U.S. water companies. "Backflow" is a legitimate option of any water company, especially backflow of pristine potable water which has never passed through a water meter and has never left the possession of a water company. The preferred GeoSolar holding tank configuration precedes customer-water-meters with the result that all potable water in GeoSolar systems remains the property of water companies and can be returned to the common water supply. Finally, each water company has the right to waive, issue a variance or, specifically allow thermal recycling of potable water - especially in view of the far greater good of GeoSolar energy technology offered to each potable water community. Thus, low profit water companies may now become high profit water thermal energy delivery companies.
Other major beneficiaries of GeoSolar energy savings are local electric power companies. All electric power companies are currently going to great lengths (such as giving away free high efficiency lighting systems) to reduce electric power consumption, especially during summer air conditioning months. Enhanced GeoSolar space cooling systems can save over 10 times more electricity than the most efficient lighting systems or appliances. For example, each enhanced GeoSolar space cooled home can reduce electric demand by at least 3 kilowatts compared to a few hundred watts of energy-efficient lighting. Hence, each 100,000 homes (or each 5,000 commercial buildings) can reduce electric demand by 300 megawatts (7,200,000 kwhrs per day). GeoSolar installations can be installed to meet almost any summer demand reduction. Moreover, electric utilities are legally protected by "Stranded Cost" laws which prevent a utility from suffering excessive reductions in demand. Too many GeoSolar installations in one area cannot cause unfair electric utility losses. Besides the far greater good of GeoSolar technology, widespread GeoSolar installations actually saves electric utilities from the extraordinary burdens of having to build new power plants.

The very large volume of water in water towers can be pre-cooled or pre-heated in many ways and by many free sources of thermal energy. One such free, clean, and endless source of cold energy is the cold energy of deep oceans and lakes - about 4oC (39oF). Pinnacle Products will not detail the quite novel new way that deep ocean "cold energy" can be conveyed extremely economically over distances of tens to hundreds of miles without undersea pipes, the results can be shared here. The approximate cost to convey about 350,000 BTUs of cooling energy (about one day of residential cooling energy) from 3000-feet deep ocean water a distance of 50 miles to shore is about 15 cents per day. Once the "cold energy" is ashore, GeoSolar energy-delivery technology takes over to distribute it to all buildings for a negligible energy-cost.  For cost-comparison, 350,000 BTUs of conventional electric air conditioning equates to roughly 3 kw for 24 hours or, $10.80 at $0.15 per kwhr. Clearly, exceptionally low-cost GeoSolar space cooling has no competition but it must not be forgotten that the side benefit is copious desalinated water. About 250 gallons/day - enough water for 5 people - of desalinated water is an essentially free byproduct of producing 350,000 BTUs (one residential day) of space cooling.

This proprietary desalination process is likely the world's lowest cost desalination process and is not published here but will be shared under a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The very large volume of water in water towers can also be pre-warmed in many ways - the most preferred way of which is by concentrated solar power, even long distances between solar collection fields and potable water towers. One extraordinary solar energy delivery technique to water towers employs small pipes which deliver pure steam to water towers. Those skilled in the art know that steam can convey over 600 calories of thermal energy per gram (over 9000 BTU of thermal energy per gallon) from a solar collection field to a water tower. Moreover, the condensed steam inside a water tower is perfectly pure and totally disinfected potable water. Thus solar steam can not only add enormous winter energy to potable water (and almost at the speed of sound), it can also contribute extremely pure water to each water tower.
In conclusion, GeoSolar Space Conditioning Technology enhancements have come a long way to record-high energy savings that no other technology can match. Space cooling energy consumption can be slashed by about 10 fold. Conventional electric space cooling represents a huge electric load on power plants, whereas enhanced GeoSolar space cooling technology can free up 35% to 60% of summer electrical generation, and year-round in tropical climates. Greenhouse emissions from electric power plants can plummet because power plants are typically only 30-40% efficient. Enhanced GeoSolar produces almost no emissions.

The same is true for Enhanced GeoSolar space heating efficiencies and emissions. Solar enhanced GeoSolar offers dramatic emission-reductions of about 10-fold in winter climates.

                                    More GeoSolar Enhancements in the Works.
For example, the old notion of central space conditioning is on the way out with the introduction of a new, tiny, low-cost single room capacity zone space conditioning option. Homes, hotel rooms and office rooms can have their own thermostatic controls which do not even require electricity to operate. Hot or cold GeoSolar coming from a small water pump built into each GeoSolar installation can pump pressurized water to each room via a very small copper tubing to a water-to-air heat exchanger mounted on a wall or ceiling or corner of a room. The pressurized water flowing through the heat exchanger can also power a hydrolic motor to power an air blower. The entire room space conditioner weighs about 10 pounds or less. Water condensation during summer cooling must be drained away. Zone (room) heating is straightforward. Such room units can be small and inexpensive compared to central space conditioning ducted systems, and can save many times more energy than central conditioning - a function of room size versus house size.   

                          An unexpected financial bonus: $20-$30 per dollar instantly.
Homes or buildings are typically and instantly valued at more than $20 to $30 extra for every dollar of added energy savings. The author of this 10 year old national study now estimates that because energy prices have risen so sharply that the current estimate is that real estate values can rise by $30 per energy dollar saved. Thus, typical residential GeoSolarTM systems are expected to save 80-90+% of $1200-3000 per year, and according to government-sponsored ICF national studies,
home-buyers are willing to actually pay $19,200 to $81,000 more for such energy efficient homes. By extension, GeoSolarized commercial buildings are expected to save about $40,000-60,000 per year and such properties are expected to be instantly worth $640,000 to $1,620,000 higher. Conservatively based on only half of the U.S. residential and commercial buildings upgraded to GeoSolar technology, this one American innovation can restore U.S. real estate values by more than $3 trillion, while also cutting greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 0.5 to 1 billion tons per year. No other known technology compares to Pinnacle's GeoSolar in terms of speed to achieve national energy independence, in terms of national prosperity, or in terms of greenhouse emissions reductions. For comparison, the entire American fleet of cars would have to get over 200 mpg to equal GeoSolar greenhouse reductions and energy savings.

            Still More GeoSolar Financial Incentives, Rebates, Tax Rebates and Grants.
High efficiency, energy saving space conditioning systems qualify for very generous state and federal installation tax credits, incentives, and rebates. See the list of benefits for your state here.

As you might imagine, Pinnacle Products could not be more anxious to rapidly slash American energy consumption with GeoSolar installations which can very rapidly pay for themselves and continuously enhance the economy by a very large multiple. There's no magic in this form of "alternative energy" technology. It merely re-directs national energy expenditures into national prosperity. The single greatest "alternative energy" in America - bar none - is simply wise "macro energy conservation". And space conditioning is America's largest energy hog - a perfect macro conservation target.

GeoSolar energy savings are so large that Pinnacle recommends patent licensees consider free installation of GeoSolar systems in exchange for each customer sharing his energy savings with you. Each GeoSolar customer gains at least some energy savings, enjoys a very large multiple of those savings in increased real estate value, and contributes his share to national energy independence plus a safer environment. This concept produces endless annuities. At the very least, all of this is good for the consumer, the purveyor, electric utilities, and the country.

Such a no-nonsense plan enables consumers to afford to make the transition during even the hardest of economic times. It's difficult to imagine anyone refusing a free space conditioning GeoSolar upgrade - conveying so many large benefits - all with no out-of-pocket cash and no personal indebtedness. This plan is expected to slash 1/4 to 1/3 of the U.S. energy consumption. A GeoSolarized nation can more than meet international greenhouse gas emissions goals and eliminate a large percentage of imported heating oil and fossil-powered electricity. Once more, GeoSolar installations can be installed with no upfront cash or indebtedness. The consumer must share a fraction of his energy savings to both pay off the free installation and to help fund the rest of American GeoSolar installations. GeoSolar technology offers America a multi trillion dollar plan to renewed prosperity without adding to the current national debt.

                                                          Back to the Basics
The basic GeoSolar invention,
in layman's terms, is almost identical to very popular "Ground Source Heat Exchange" (GSHE) technology which is highly respected as one of the world's lowest cost space conditioning (heating cooling and hot water) technologies. Over 1,000,000 expensive prior art GSHE systems are presently installed in America. The main reason for such popularity is simply because they work so well. They are so expensive because they require the installation of very long underground water pipes for thermal energy exchange with year-round 57oF underground heat. Pinnacle's "basic" GeoSolar invention eliminates the high cost of burying great lengths of underground water pipes. The innovative GeoSolar solution employs the millions of miles of existing underground drinking water plumbing system. However GeoSolar does not actually waste a drop of the precious potable water. GeoSolar heat pumps exchange heat within one tank of potable water which is periodically pumped back-and-forth to exchange heat underground in the existing underground potable water delivery system. Water meters register zero net consumption of water. The basic GeoSolar process is, itself, a profound improvement of GSHE technology simply because it makes a very high performance but high cost proven technology dramatically more affordable. In effect, GeoSolar technology merely replaces an expensive underground plumbing system with an existing one which costs nothing.

But that's just the beginning. "Enhanced GeoSolar" technology uses the same basic GeoSolar heat pumps and water tanks at each building, but uses the existing underground potable water itself as a wintertime warm water and summertime ice cold "energy delivery system". In other words, imagine cold drinking water delivered to you in the summertime. The potable water will already be so cold (under 50oF) that your GeoSolar heat pump would need no electric power whatsoever. Your building can be cooled directly by the cold potable water stored in the neighborhood water-tower. One water tower can serve thousands of residential and commercial buildings. Likewise, warm 80-90oF potable water (still cool to the lips) can be delivered to you in the winter months. Once more, your GeoSolar heat pump will draw very little power in order to increase ventilation air temperatures just a few degrees for proper building heat. In both summer and winter conditions, the pre-warmed or pre-chilled potable water coming from the local water tower will be exchanged many times to keep the Enhanced GeoSolar system small water tank at an ideal temperature. The existing towers and existing underground plumbing system, and the GeoSolar heat pump system are part of the "Enhanced GeoSolar" system. The only difference is that tower-water is either warmed or cooled by stored winter ice energy (or nighttime ice-making machines), by deep cold oceans or, by stored solar energy near the water towers. In all cases, very low cost cold energy or nearly free solar energy will maintain each water tower at ideal temperatures. Pinnacle calls this central water tower recycling system, its "Time Wave" technology because water from the entire neighborhood of GeoSolar tanks is simultaneously pumped back, with 0.2 second precision, to a local tower, followed by a complete refill of all the small GeoSolar water tanks. Thus, even the most remote water customer, at the end of the potable water line, will frequently receive a refreshed GeoSolar-tank of low cost pre-warmed solar water in the winter or, even lower cost pre-chilled potable water in summer months.

To top things off, this pre-warmed and pre-chilled Enhanced GeoSolar potable water concept has extra value to water companies. As most people know, when there's a quick cold snap in fall or early winter, water companies frequently suffer water main ruptures - costing the nation's water companies billions of dollars and billions of gallons of drinking water annually. By deploying Pinnacle's gradual thermal pre-conditioning technology, water companies can not only make heat pumps more energy efficient year-round, but in addition, the potable water pipes can be gradually exposed to cool and warm water instead of thermally shocked by a cold or warm snap.

                                                                   Figure 1. The Timewave

The well-known enormous thermal energy capacity of simple water is famous - one calorie per gram per degree C. One half gallon of water per minute (32 cc per second) raised or lowered by 10oC equates to 4,500 BTUs/hr of space conditioning - sufficient to space condition one typical room. Room-size zone conditioning is very appropriate to GeoSolar technology which makes energy savings 2 to 10 times better. Thus, a mere 1 to 3 gallons per minute of ice-cold water delivered to a typical home is enough to cool an entire typical home but 1/2 gallon per minute for zone cooling is all that is needed. The best part is that not a drop of valuable drinking water is actually consumed or degraded in the process. The potable water itself is merely a thermal energy-carrier and is never degraded. The GeoSolar tank is safe and approved steel and the pristine water pump is greaseless. Potable water is actually improved as discussed in the patent. Very cold potable water in summer months dramatically reduces microbial growth when summer microbial suppression is most needed. Less chlorine disinfectants are needed, resulting in healthier water for everyone. All government water quality laws and guidelines are preserved or improved. Above all, GeoSolar's energy savings impact far exceeds all other known or proposed energy conservation technologies.

On a global basis, literally trillions of dollars needlessly spent on high cost space conditioning energy can now be diverted to better uses - a large enough fund to balance almost any government deficit and approach full employment - such an optional application of GeoSolar technology can bail out Government debts while cleaning the environment. Hundreds of billions in U.S. annual energy savings can be diverted from foreign energy imports without increasing taxes to balance the cancerous U.S. deficit.
As illustrated in Figure 2, space conditioning is a very large portion of building energy consumption and is the world's largest energy demand, approximately equal to all automobile energy consumption. 

GeoSolar technology can slash residential heating/cooling/hot-water energy consumption by up to 90% or, can cut the above 79% energy consumption to as little as 8%. Such energy conservation is comparable to each home having its own large solar power plant or, automobiles getting almost 200 miles per gallon. No other known clean energy technology comes close to this magnitude of national energy independence.
Figure 2.

                                                     Profit Potential is Not Ignored
Prior to this point, only low "costs" have been emphasized. Pinnacle wants to make it vividly clear that the costs are so low that there is enormous room for business profitability too. Consumers, water purveyors, electric utilities, patent licensees, and even governments can share in handsome financial gains.
For example, licensed deep ocean water cold energy companies can elect to serve entire global regions such as the many countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea. The Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. East Coast and West Coast are three more deep cold energy service region business options. So too are many Asian and island business options possible. 

GeoSolar equipment manufacturing and/or installation options are another business opportunity. Unusually, ambitious business options include low profit water companies transformed into high profit energy companies. Solar farms are still another business option. 

When paradigm shift breakthrough technologies like this occur, there is room for many partnerships where all may prosper handsomely.  

Issued patents:Europe, Canada, India, China, Cypress, Japan and U.S.
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Note 1. 
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is a volunteer membership association which officially (in writing) emphasizes that it is NOT a legislative or a regulatory organization and that about 85% of U.S. water companies are not members of the AWWA. Moreover, they assert that essentially all water companies are empowered to waive rules and adopt their own operating standards or variances. The prime national standard for all water companies is the production and maintenance of minimum federal water quality standards.  GeoSolar equipment employs inaccessible pristine water tanks and meticulous water pumps. No potable water on the output side of a water meter is ever re-introduced into the public water system.






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