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Royalty free, Super Computer Modeled, rapid Global Cooling Solution

          Both natural and human global warming can be fully reversed inexpensively.

This exceptionally benign, simple water-based global warming invention was patent pending (an expedient "publication" process) but Pinnacle will certainly not withhold or bar anyone from using the invention. It is offered to any and all, royalty-free.

If this invention had NOT been super computer modeled by Stanford University, and found to be "surprisingly" correct, the invention would be quite counter-intuitive and would lead some to erroneously believe that this solution would lead to more global WARMING. Fortunately, it has been shown to not lead to more global warning and does indeed lead to enormous and surprisingly fast global cooling within about one decade!

The concept underlying the invention is quite simple. It re-hydrates our present slightly dry atmosphere in order to deposit more snow on mountain tops and on both poles. In the process of forcing more ocean water to evaporate, monstrous atmospheric cooling takes place, comparable to a gigantic planetary air conditioner powered by shockingly little input power.
The process leads to capping mountainous ranges (such as the Indian/Chinese Himalayan mountain chain) with copious fresh snow, which naturally melts - thereby further cooling the AIR - and thereby replenishing the giant river waters and farms for more than a billion people. The same sort of process would take place worldwide to all snow-capped mountains. Although the cost to implement this invention is high (~$100 billion), it is a relatively trivial cost borne by man, compared to the 100-1000 times higher cost (TENS OF TRILLIONS) proposed by others to insignificantly remedy this life threatening global warning and global water problem. Thus, this invention is freely donated to mankind as a "standby" solution which offers many trillions of annual dollar benefits, such as copious freshwater and copious agricultural food to literally billions of people.

One example of worldwide news coverage of this global cooling invention, by McClatchy Newspapers, appears here, with a four-minute video clip. After running global computer climate models of this invention, Stanford University reported to McClatchy News that it has merit and that it also merits much more computer modeling. The official highly technical 34-page global cooling invention document is linked here.

Before you proceed, it is emphasized that this practical global warming solution is much more than a mere solution to "human greenhouse global warming", which, in truth, is quite small (a fraction of one degree) in comparison to the huge "natural global warming" (~+9 degrees), which has been going on for 18,000 years. For 18,000 years, our last significant ice age has been melting, and literally thousands of feet thick ice has steadily receded from northern U.S. states all the way back almost to the, now-thin ice, at the north pole. No one disputes these facts. This natural cyclical glacial phenomenon has occurred literally hundreds of times over millions of years - roughly every 100,000 years. We are literally at the cusp of another major transition right now, toward a nearly complete meltdown and an onslaught of still another ice age (see Figure 1). And yet, seemingly, the world's attention seems to be exclusively focused only on comparatively small "human" greenhouse effects, which are real, but cannot compare to the profound Natural Warming effects, which are at an all time high (about +9oF), as we speak. Earth's last natural great melt caused the oceans to rise about 390 feet to the levels they are today - and still rising.  It is these 100,000-year macro glaciation oscillations that mankind must somehow stabilize if we expect to preserve our vital seaports and vital links to global civilizations - and life as we know it. Few can conceive the devastation with ocean-side cities flooded, seaports disabled, and more violent weather. The last time this happened - 100,000 years ago - civilized man was not present, and the freeze and meltdown could not destroy what was not there 100,000 years ago. The document (below), which you are invited to study, illustrates an unprecedented means to actually regulate ice ages for the first time in geological history, despite the deceptive enormity of the challenge. The proposed solution not only deploys a 100,000-fold hugely leveraged and inexpensive water-evaporation cooling technology, it produces surprising net global prosperity. The remnants of our present ice age, which we are in, makes unique demands on mankind to preserve earth's seasons as we know them. The stakes, for over 6 billion people, have never been higher, the risks in stabilizing our familiar global seasons have never been lower, and the net prosperity to mankind has never been greater.

Figure 1

Fail-safe technology  

This global warming solution is the only benign, low cost, and practical innovation ever put forth capable of controlling both planetary natural heating and cooling forces which are many times greater than mere "human greenhouse effects" - despite the countless experts who insist that mere "human warming" is beyond our capabilities and budgets. But perhaps nothing is more important than the next claim: This specific proposed solution to global climate control, is a risk-free solution. There is no known danger associated with it because it employs simple evaporated seawater, not dangerous chemicals or technologies, and it produces net financial prosperity, not indebtedness. Global safety is top priority. Not only can this innovative cooling solution be switched off; not only can it replenish the northern snow and glaciation; there are other safeguards built in as well. Long before Pinnacle, other conscientious scientists proposed benign planetary heating innovations to fight ice ages. They proposed dusting parts of the planet with a extremely thin sub-micron layer of carbon black (benign plant food) to absorb much more sunlight and melt ice. Thus, to all ultra cautious scientists: PLANETARY COOLING is essential to civilization right now. We are far too hot and macro melting of glaciation is taking place worldwide from the poles to the mountain icecaps at the equator. And yet, excessive artificial cooling must also be avoided. The beauty of this practical cooling solution is that it can be switched off or turned down in a moment's notice, and thus, allow natural heating. But if even more heating is required for any reason whatsoever, mankind can even correct that. The bottom line is simply nothing to fear, and mankind has literally everything to gain by regulating the natural state of present glaciation. This single technology affects the well being of up to 5 billion people and countless ecologies. It's all about fine tuning the three states of water (liquid, gas, and solid ice) on earth, while allowing nature to distribute the slight extra fresh water to all parts of the planet.

It's risk free because: 1). The global cooling controls can literally be halted in a matter of minutes at any time during the decades/centuries of cooling ahead; 2). It only employs benign water as the cooling agent, and;  3). The side-benefits of about 1% more rain potentially yields trillions of dollars of more food while also automatically distributing life-blood drinking water without pipes/plumbing to arid areas and billions of people (and ecologies) who desperately need fresh water. Thus, "the solution" which you are reviewing can more than pay for itself many times over annually, even if saving mankind is disregarded. No other proposal, by any credible group, has offered such truly macro planetary control. That's why no simple "company" or, no one country, for that matter, should ever be the sole proprietor of this planetary thermostat control panel. With that in mind, please proceed to the 34 page climate control manuscript. A 144 page patent is also filed.

A thumbnail sketch of the Global Cooling inventor.

Click photo for a 4-minute video discussion

The global cooling invention above was invented by Ron Ace, Laurel, Maryland - a prolific inventor with many dozens of issued patents, dozens more pending patents, and an estimated 700 non-patented inventions.

He graduated from the Air Force's advanced electronics training school in the top 0.1%. Following his four-year Air Force tour, he spent more than 10 years at the University of Maryland attending engineering/physics classes and was full-time employed as a senior electro-optical research engineer in a molecular physics department. In the 1960s, he pioneered laser optical engineering for molecular spectroscopy research applications (molecular structures and molecular energy levels - some related to upper atmospheric spectroscopy similar to greenhouse gas spectroscopy and ozone chemistry), and where he also created, designed, and personally constructed about 300 of his non-patented inventions. Dozens of PhD candidates earned their degrees using some of his unique equipment. 

Later, for 15 more years, he founded and managed, two scientific instrument companies and a million-dollar+ optical manufacturing company, wherein one of his numerous optical inventions became very popular - the first scratch-resistant plastic ophthalmic (eyeglass) lens, which sold millions across America. He also invented,  mass produced, and sold the world's first lightweight plastic-composite eyeglass lens which turned dark in the sun. Aside from business enterprises, he has sold, licensed, and even donated some of his various electronic, electro-optical, mechanical, and optical inventions.

Among his several macro-energy inventions, is an very low-loss, super high-temperature solar collector, and a very low-cost macro solar-energy storage technology, which he asserts, is capable of collecting and storing enough solar energy to power the very largest of cities for many weeks. This, he says, can finally make unreliable solar energy both reliable and practical.

Now he has turned most of his attention to macro clean energy conservation, including "space-conditioning" patents, such as his " GeoSolar" invention; his highly advanced and 10-times lower cost solar collection technology, many times lower cost solar energy storage, and the most recent invention - very low-cost deep ocean thermal energy. The word "macro", to him, means "large transformative fractions of mankind's needs", not numerous small innovations. 

Prosperous "natural" global climate control.
Pinnacle Products is willing to gift to the U.S. federal government or, the United Nations, this very important patent pending environmental technology - "The Solution to Global Warming"...  ROYALTY FREE. This the only global cooling invention ever put forward, which promises high global prosperity, and not indebtedness. It is also the only innovation which claims the ability to actually stabilize ice ages, not just human greenhouse effects. Read a snapshot about the inventor here. Stanford University has performed preliminary computer-modeling of this innovation, which they reported, shows promise, and is worthy of much more modeling. 

This is a layman's summary of a 34 page highly technical global cooling invention: By judiciously evaporating gigatons of seawater around the planet, Pinnacle's very benign Global Warming SOLUTION technology instantly cools the lower atmosphere; radiates enormous infrared energy from the planet into the upper atmosphere (cooling earth); forms about 0.1 to 1% additional cloud coverage to reflect sunlight from earth (more cooling); produces about 1% more rainfall to benefit farming and curb global desert expansion, and; deposit enough new snow at the poles to stabilize the present massive meltdown of the Arctic to halt oceanic flooding.

[Late 2010 news release: More rapid than expected Himalayian glacial melting now threatens the fresh water supply to about 1.5 billion people in China and India within 2-4 decades. The present invention is uniquely capable of re-hydrating the Himalayian glaciers].   

A mere fraction of the power consumed by just one medium size city, can, in effect, cool or refrigerate the entire planet. In common air conditioning terminology, this equates to an unparalleled "COP" of 100,000 [a typical window air conditioner has a COP of about "3"]. No previous technology remotely approaches this new command over artificial cooling. The net result is that of preserving present sealevels and our vital seaports for delivery of food, energy, and materials. The many secondary benign benefits include more free hydroelectricity for all global hydroelectric power plants; more natural irrigation for much higher agricultural yields; preventing the macro-expansion of earth's deserts; and far less-destructive hurricanes and violent weather. Thus, Pinnacle's gift not only offers a solution to HUMAN global warming and the 10-20 times greater natural global warming catastrophe - it does so with a net financial gain to the global economy. Not one of the other extremely costly climate control proposals even suggests a hope of cost-effectively preventing the world's natural meltdown. Pinnacle's invention is the only low cost, benign solution to this greatest-of-all encroaching global disasters which can impact 5 billion people and almost all life on earth.

Understandably, many people deny the importance or even the existence of human "greenhouse" global warming (e.g. arguably +.1
oC to +0.4oC). Regardless, there's another indisputable ~12-20 times greater form of global warming which few laymen know much about, but which no scientists dispute, called "natural global warming" - currently ~+9 to 10oC, ~+18oF [see chart below]. Human "greenhouse" global warming is certainly adding to the northern hemispherical meltdown, but natural global warming has, and still is, dominating the accelerating meltdown of the remnants of our last ice age glaciation which has already receded thousands of miles from North America, all the way back essentially to the North Pole. Oceans have already risen 390 feet since the peak of the last ice age, and just a few more feet will disable almost all of mankind's seaports constructed during the last few centuries. Seaport flooding will have the profound impact of cutting off our ocean terminals and delivery of vital food, energy, and materials.
If just Greenland's glaciation were to melt or slide into the ocean as suggested by scientists, the world's oceans would rise 25 feet. Thus, it is not only important that you know these indisputable facts about natural global warming, but that you also know that, for the first time, man has the power to actually prevent this greatest of all disasters, which some Nobel scientists claim will threaten about 5 billion people. More surprisingly, the present global warming solution does not induce global financial ruination. The "solution" (detailed at length in the attached 34-page "Global Warming Solution" document) brings about desperately-needed environmental preservation and quite large global financial prosperity.

To those few who deny human, or even indisputable natural global warming, and who even go further to argue that we are due to plunge into another ice age, please recall that Pinnacle's contribution to humanity is not merely a cooling proposal. We use the term "climate control" - similar to a global "thermostat". Pinnacle offers a powerful cooling technology, which can be switched off at any time. Others, before us, have proposed an equally powerful, benign, and low cost "global heating technology", should, for any reason, earth be artificially or naturally cooled too much (and ocean levels fall too much). Other innovators have proposed an ultra thin dusting (less than 1 micron) of black carbon (a plant food) to absorb more sunlight and thus, warm the planet. Therefore, there is NO FATAL FLAW or risk that mankind can "overdo" planetary heating or cooling. Man can, for the first time, actually thermostatically control our thermal destiny - safely and prosperously.


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